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Making Your Business Ideas Happen Tod...

Making Your Business Ideas Happen Today

Making Your Ideas Happen It’s a new year with new ideas and new goals. I’ve learned that you have to use the resources you have to start a business. It’s all about making your ideas happen. For instance, If you want to start a blog. However, can’t afford a domain name. Start with a free […]

5 Tips to Help You Reach Your Next Bu...

5 Tips to Help You Reach Your Next Business Goal

The most discouraging part of being a business to me is not reaching business goals, this can be for several reasons. I’ve found that being scared of success (I know that might sound silly to some but it’s true.) Family issues or not strategically making the goal a reality. Create Realistic Goals One of the […]

How to Balance Your 9 to 5 and Busine...

How to Balance Your 9 to 5 and Business

Balancing your 9 to 5 and your business, may not be the easiest task. However, it’s doable. I’m going to share what has worked for me when I worked a 9 to 5 plus balancing a Business, Family, Nonprofit, etc. You are not the first and you will not be the last person who has […]

Don’t be fearful, be fearless. ...

Don’t be fearful, be fearless. (Motivational Post)

Happy Friends! Sending this little love note because someone needs to read it… You see, it’s very simple. You’re either scared of success or you’re scared of trying and falling. I just want, to be honest with you. The best part of trying is learning. You may get it right and you may get it […]

How to Increase Your Reach & Eng...

How to Increase Your Reach & Engagement on Facebook (for FREE)

This post is right to the point with  tips on how you can increase your Facebook Reach & Engagement. I’ve been consistently following these tips and I’ve seen an increase in my engagement and reach on my Our Delightful Home Facebook fan page. Schedule Create a schedule to find out when your readers are most […]

How To Support Your Family & Fri...

How To Support Your Family & Friends Biz for Free

I’ve noticed a trend with people who are in the Startup phase with their business. We always get into the topic of lack of family support from friends and family. Usually ends up with. Well, I really can’t afford to support their business, because I’m trying to build my business right now. I’m just going, […]

Tips: How to Use InstaStory To Grow Y...

Tips: How to Use InstaStory To Grow Your Business

So unless you’ve been living under a rock or something. You’re probably are aware of the latest Updates on Instagram. I thought it would be cool to share with you a few tips on how to use this new feature. Below is a few tips/suggestions to assist you with mastering Instastory. Build Credibility As a […]

Let’s Talk: Morning Routines

Let’s Talk: Morning Routines

Hello Friends, As an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, and/or Creative. At some point in your journey, you will start to develop and/or create morning routines for yourself. I’m always asked, “What’s your morning routine?”. I’ve learned that It’s so important to have a morning routine for various reasons. Of course, with time, your morning routine will […]

Stop Being Scared ( Launch Your Busin...

Stop Being Scared ( Launch Your Business )

Hello Friends, So it’s July. We’re in the Third Quarter. Not the first, not the second. But the third. 2016 was going to be your year. It was going to be the year you launched or extended your business. But what happened? Let me guess, fear and excuses. Trust me, I’ve been in this game […]

You Define You!

You Define You!

I meet way too many Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners who can relate to at some point in their career to the bullet points below. Not knowing, and having to learn your strengths and weaknesses Not having clarity in life Feeling lost Feeling hopeless Not knowing your strengths and weaknesses. You’re not building your […]


Tasheena showed up to my workshop and breezed through like a breath of fresh air! Wow she put the cherry on top of an already awesome morning.

She kept our attention every minute she was there and left us with knowledge and motivation. We were in GO mode when she left. Exciting, informative, awesome!
I would have her back again and again. Peace and Blessings.

— Dianne Gill
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