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5 Tips to Help You Reach Your Next Bu...

5 Tips to Help You Reach Your Next Business Goal

The most discouraging part of being a business to me is not reaching business goals, this can be for several reasons. I’ve found that being scared of success (I know that might sound silly to some but it’s true.) Family issues or not strategically making the goal a reality. Create Realistic Goals One of the […]

5-Steps To Quitting Your Job To Pursu...

5-Steps To Quitting Your Job To Pursue Your Dream 

  One of the first questions that I’m typically asked during my Discovery Sessions is “What are the steps I need to take to quit my job to pursue my dreams?” I hope this post helps you, I just want, to be honest with you, that whatever you decide to do, the process may take time. […]

Saturday Love Notes

Saturday Love Notes

As a mom, we sometimes in business can be so caught up in business that we forget to LIVE. I know there are so many articles on finding balance. However, I want to say as a business woman and a mom. That at the end of the day you have to do what makes you […]

Low Key Beach Bum: My Thoughts

Low Key Beach Bum: My Thoughts

Hey. Friends! It’s almost the end of summer or at least it is in Connecticut. I challenge you as a business owner and/or blogger to change your current environment to allow your creative juices to flow. Not saying theirs anything wrong with your current environment. However. I learned as a business owner. Sometimes you have […]

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Star...

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Starting A Business 

I though my it would be cool to discuss this week a couple of common mistakes to avoid when starting a business ( or even if you have a business) Slump over lack of support Trust me this is a common theme when being an entrepreneur. Some people won’t support you until they see you […]

Five Ways to Grow Your Business on In...

Five Ways to Grow Your Business on Instagram + Be More Social 

I thought that it would be pretty cool to discuss growing your business on social media. This week we will be discussing Instagram. Next week we will be discussing another one of my favorite social media outlets. Branding and social engagement will make or break most businesses. Most businesses depend on being on social media […]

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work!

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work!

As much as I love what I do and that Rhianna song is pretty catchy. While my son was on Spring Break this week I decided to take a couple of days off and unplug.  I didn’t post on Instagram, take any client calls or read any emails (of course I notified my clients prior to […]

Social Media + Branding Tips

Social Media + Branding Tips

I hope your week is going amazing so far. This week I wanted to share with you some social media + Branding tips. Tip One: Are you using the right Hashtags? Hashtags Instagram has there on Trending Hashtag page. Use It! For twitter? You can use this site to narrow down trending hashtags here You […]

Business & Branding Tips

Business & Branding Tips

A common theme that I am noticing with business owners is Branding. I first would like to start off by saying. To always remember that you represent your brand whether you provide a service or product. If people don’t like you as a person. They will not like your Brand as a company in most cases. […]

Building Your Credit To Build Your Dr...

Building Your Credit To Build Your Dream Business

“What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear… Click To Tweet One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is having your own money. But there may become a time that you may need borrow money to start your new venture […]


Tasheena showed up to my workshop and breezed through like a breath of fresh air! Wow she put the cherry on top of an already awesome morning.

She kept our attention every minute she was there and left us with knowledge and motivation. We were in GO mode when she left. Exciting, informative, awesome!
I would have her back again and again. Peace and Blessings.

— Dianne Gill
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