How Losing Weight is Just Like Starting a Business

How Losing Weight is Just Like Starting a Business

How Losing Weight Is Just Like Starting a Business

If you follow my Lifestyle blog. I recently embarked on a weight loss journey and lost over 40lbs eeek. It feels so weird saying that. Today I will be sharing my how starting a business related to what you have to go through when you go on a diet. When I originally embarked on this journey. I really didn’t want to put any stress on myself. At the beginning of the year. I didn’t start a diet to just be summer fine and gain all of the weight back by the new year. Because let’s be honest. That pretty much happens to all of us that don’t stay consistent with a routine. (slowly raises hand)

How it Similar? 

  • At times you may feel like giving up
  • Don’t know who to turn to for advice
  • Have to deal with criticism
  • You start to second guess your decision

The Journey

On a whim late March I just got tired of looking 14 weeks pregnant. Yup, around that time was the same time that Venus Williams announced that she was pregnant and my stomach looked larger than hers and my son is a teen.
I’ve always tried dieting for a month to lose a couple of pounds and I was successful with that. Of course, I would be gained all the weight back at some point which I honestly didn’t care too much about because I wasn’t consistent.

I embarked on this journey and when a month or two it quickly turned into a lifestyle. I would average a pound a week with only walking and not taking any diet supplements. Which I honestly felt wonderful about.
Now what this journey did not prepare me for was how this healthy lifestyle journey was just going to be like starting a new business.
You know those, why are you starting a business, you make good money at your job. Or the “so many people are already selling those, why would you sell them too?”
But instead this time, it’s “don’t lose any more weight” “why did you go on a diet” the list goes on and on…

Your Why

I get it, however, if I listened to what people said then when I was trying to start a business and now that I’m on a healthy lifestyle journey. I wouldn’t be the person am today.
I’m sharing this with you because people are going to always have something to say no matter what you’re doing. There will be the people that try to encourage you and others that don’t know how harmful their statements truly are. But guess what? What you’re doing is not for them. It’s for you. There will be times that you feel like giving up, there will be times that you questioned why you even started a business. When those moments happen. Just remember your WHY?

Never all people to allow you to lose focus of your ultimate goal. They will always have something to say. Let them talk and stay focused.

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