How to Create Blog Content Ideas

How to Create Blog Content Ideas

Today we will be discussing how to Create Blog Content Ideas. I’m always asked what I do to keep my creative juices flowing. I started my LifeStyle blog Simply Tasheena six years ago and I must say that blogging is so ever-changing. Today, I’ll be sharing with you what has been working for me over the last six years.

Content Ideas List

To this day I still have lists of potential content. I get most of my inspiration from being out and about. I try my best to keep a list of content because there will always be days that I draw a complete bank and have writer’s block and for those days I have a list of potential blog content that will start to get my creative juices flowing. As prior started most of my inspiration comes from being out and about, and most of the time my content comes from wanting to try new recipes and visit new places. If you follow my blog Simply When I travel that typically produces a good four blog posts. When I try a new recipe that a blog posts. Everyone is different. You can always ask your readers what type of content they would like to read next. Also, use what works for you to track your content list. I typically have a list on my phone as well as a more in-depth list on my computer.


When I have a blog post idea in mind. On my phone, I start to brainstorm the content. What will I include in the body of the article? If I’m completing a review of a hotel that I stayed at. I pretty much have a template of the content that I use. For example, I try my best to include information about the room, staff, grounds keeping and amenities. I know when I’m creating this post on my phone or computers. I know what the body of the article should include and I could always go back and use a previous post as a reminder. Sometimes it, a lot easier to write and come back to the content. Don’t feel as if you have to write an entire blog post in one sitting.


As prior stated, ask your readers. This is why having an engaged audience is very important and this is why I encourage my readers to always have an email subscription even if they’re using the free plan with MailChimp. You can simply send an email out asking your readers to take a survey on what content that would like to see. This is perfect for any time of the year especially at the being of the new year because you always want to bring refreshed content to your readers. I also suggest that you already have in mind the content areas that you would like to write about. If you’re a lifestyle blog you can ask you, readers, if they would like to see more of Home Decor, Fashion, Finance. If you write about starting a business. Maybe your readers would like to know more about getting their first client. Also, give your readers the opportunity to give their input. By creating a space with they can give topic ideas. This can also be done on social media. However, I think it’s a little better when it’s done by email. Because it’s so easy to miss out on posts.

Not Giving Up

I am all for batching content, however, if you’re having writer’s block and if you have tons and tons of content. Change your settings, go to the library or coffee shop. In my opinion, so many people give up because they’re frustrated about not being able to execute an idea. Which is fine, step back from your computer and take a break. Go for a walk or even revisit the content in a couple of days. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Your readers can tell the difference from great content and rushed content.

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