6+ Blogger Networks to Join for Paid Blogging Opportunities

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6+ Blogger Networks to Join for Paid Blogging Opportunities

You started a blog and now you want to get paid for the content that you’re providing.Today I will be sharing 6+ Blogger Networks to Join for Paid Blogging Opportunites. If you’ve read my post on Why I Started Blogging than I gave a quick insight of how and why I started blogging. When I first started blogging in 2011. I was really reluctant to apply with blogger programs because I didn’t realize that Bloggers actually made money from blogging. I quickly learned that blogger campaigns and programs pretty much do all the clerical work for you. You don’t have to contact a brand and send all of those follow-up emails or phone calls. You’re typically never worried about getting paid etc.

I’ve learned as a blogger that not all blogger programs are created equal. I love all of the programs listed below for various reasons. One of the fastest and quickest ways to earn money for your blog is registering for blogger campaigns. Please note that you may not get approved for all of the campaigns that you apply for. I know so many bloggers that apply for hundreds of campaigns on a weekly basis. To only get selected for maybe one. Don’t take it personally and don’t get discouraged. Brands are looking for a specific blogger for each campaign that they have.

What Are Blogger Networks?

Blogger networks are for bloggers and brands who want to connect for the purpose of promoting a product, event and/or site. When you sign up for a blogger network they typically request a host of information. Name, analytics, social media links, etc. It’s pretty much like a one-stop shop for brands. Most networks you have to apply for the campaigns and if you’re selected for a campaign you’re contacted within a couple of days. This is also pretty awesome for bloggers because you’re connected with brands that you love. You’re also connected with new and innovative brands that you can try.

Blogger Networks

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Blogs Meets Brand

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