Benefits of Keeping A Journal As An Entrepreneur

Benefits of Keeping a Journal -

Benefits of Keeping A Journal as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it’s not an easy task for most. You have to deal with rejection, the unknown, countless points of views from others etc. however, I think that most forget about journal their journey. The Good, Bad, and the Ugly to reflect back on. A couple of years ago I found a journal I had as a child and boy was it nice to reflect back.

What I did notice was that my perception of what was going on was totally different from what I remembered. Unfortunately, I did not consistently journal throughout the years. However, I’ve started back and boy has it is therapeutic. You know how most people now a days share their frustrations on social media? Come on, we all have that one person or maybe you are that person. No reason to get defensive.

This is a non-judgmental zone. What I do share with my clients is to keep a journal and whenever you have those urges to post your business online. Post it in your journal first. If you have a business idea or even are excited about someone posts it in your journal. You don’t have anyone being judgmental to you and it’s perfect to always reflect back at to look at how far you’ve come. I wanted to share with you four reasons below of why keeping a journal is so important. Why I enjoy journal?


Sometimes we just have so much of our past that we are holding on to that hindering us from moving forward. Take a moment to write down your frustrations. Write down what you feel is hindering you from success. Write down what you wish you could just scream out loud but are afraid to.

Boost Memory

As per stated, like most teenagers and preteens I kept a journal and I still have that journal to this day. I remember reminiscing on my childhood and boy was I totally wrong about how things actually happened.

Achieving Goals

It is so refreshing to look back at the ideas that you had in the past and actually see how you have accomplished the goals you had set for your business. It’s also nice to revisit ideas that you completely forgot about until you read your journal and decided to step out on faith and make your dreams a reality.

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