Making Your Business Ideas Happen Today

Making Your Business Ideas Happen

Making Your Ideas Happen

It’s a new year with new ideas and new goals. I’ve learned that you have to use the resources you have to start a business. It’s all about making your ideas happen. For instance, If you want to start a blog. However, can’t afford a domain name. Start with a free WordPress or Blogger site and start from there, you can always upgrade to a paid account (I prefer WordPress. I personally use both) If you’re scared of what people will think of your blog and are scared to make your post live. Create a private blog. Once, you’re ready to hit the live or public button. You already have the content ready on your site. Instead of waiting, waiting, and waiting to start the blog until the perfect moment.


You don’t have to have all of the bells and whistles. People love to see growth. People love to see transformations. Plus, this also gives you a chance to decide on your color schemes and brand identity. Why spend all of your time and money having someone design a website for you and 6 months down the line you decide that it’s not the look you want for your brand? Trust me, it happens every day. Focus on content, you can always change the layout of your site.

Times change and you will change. I tell my private coaching clients the first five years invest in items that will benefit your business and bring you a return on investment.

Depending on what type a business you have, having a website might not be a priority. If your website will not generate money for your business. Focus on the things that will. If the majority of the business you do is off of your phone, and your phone doesn’t hold a charge. Why not invest in a new phone?


You’re a new hairstylist. Your goal is to build your clientele. You want to create a website where clients can schedule their own appointments and pay online. However, your phone doesn’t keep a charge and you have to leave it on the charger pretty much all day. Every time you pick up a call you take your phone off the charger, which results in your phone dying and you miss out on potential “walk-in clients”. Creating a website is a wonderful idea.

However, you really don’t need a million dollars to make this idea a reality. There are plenty of low-cost and free alternatives while you’re trying to build your clientele and save money. You can create a free website with WordPress. Add a low-cost or free plugin allowing clients to schedule their appointments and in the meantime purchase a cell phone so you don’t miss out on any potential clients.


I believe that a lot of entrepreneurs give up on amazing ideas because they can’t afford it. Instead of looking at alternatives.

Want to create your very own cooking show? Create it on YouTube until one of the big networks offer you a deal.
Say it with me “The biggest mistake you can make in business is investing in stuff that will not generate money for my business. “

I’ve enclosed a free page from my “Think Outside the Box” workbook. NOW is the perfect time to review the ideas you have. Are you holding yourself back from accomplishing this goal? What alternatives do you have?

The best part about this worksheet is that you can print out a sheet for each of your ideas and really sit down and brainstorm them and put your dreams into action.

… I know it’s the beginning of a new year and so much pressure is put out into the atmosphere. Utilize the resources you have. You will be fine.

Idea Review Worksheet

Click here for your free printable. 

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