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Marketing is KING

Hello, Friends! One of the Biz questions I received through my ask a “Biz question” form was “How to Market Your business” I decided to share some way that you can market your business for free. I also included a free printable (just click the link below.) With the holidays right around the corner, marketing is KING. Typically, people are in stores and online more during the holidays. What I love most about these marketing tips is that you can use them throughout the year.

25 Way to Market Your Business for Free

1. Utilize Facebook live.
2. Join a Facebook group with other Entrepreneurs.
3. Attend networking events in your community. (you never know who knows who)
4. Collaborate with other business owners in your industry.
5. Always have your business card with you and hand it out when it’s appropriate.
6. Leave your business card everywhere.  (grocery stores, Panera Bread, Between Rounds, Walmart etc)
7. Ask family and friends to share your post on your Facebook page.
8. Save all business cards. When you receive a business card ask if it would be okay for you to add them to your mailing list. Most people don’t mind.
9. Directories: Add your business to free directories in your niche area.
10. Guest post on a popular blog in your niche area.
11. Submit your best blog post to the Huffington Post.
12. Create a Facebook group .
13. Collaborate with other business owners on social media.
14. Create an eye-catching business card that people will want to keep.
15. Share your customer’s with your products and/or service testimonials on #tbt.
16. Tell your customers to share your product(s) on their social media pages and you will repost them on your page.
17. Submit your content to Stumble.
18. Pin your content and/or products to Pinterest. (I use the Canva template to make your pins cohesive)
19. Create amazing content.
20. Add easy share buttons to your site using SumoMe.
21. Share non-promotional content. (70% of what you post on social media should be non-promotional.)
22. Utilize SEO when posting content. (I love Yoast)
23.Wear your brand if you sell a product. (you should be a walking billboard)
24. Join a Network in your niche area.
25. Join a mastermind group with other entrepreneurs .

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\25 Way to Market Your Business for Free

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