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This post is right to the point with  tips on how you can increase your Facebook Reach & Engagement. I’ve been consistently following these tips and I’ve seen an increase in my engagement and reach on my Our Delightful Home Facebook fan page.

Create a schedule to find out when your readers are most likely on Facebook. Now, While doing this. You may lose some Facebook followers. However, that’s a good thing.
If they do not like what you’re posting. They are not of any benefit to you. After consistently doing this strategy for a month. You will be able to go to your Facebook “insights” tab to identify your Facebook schedule for your readers.

What To Do?
Consistently post three times a day for thirty days. Now, if you want to consistently post at the same time that’s fine. If you also want to switch up the times that fine as well. Remember, you’re trying to identify what time works best for your readers.

Using Video? Facebook owns Instagram. NOT YouTube. For lack of better words. Facebook could care less about you post your direct video from YouTube. If you follow me on Snapchat. I discussed this last week and gave an example. Now, you’re probably wondering how to increase your reach/views when you post your YouTubee video on Facebook.

Suggestion One
Post your intro video on Facebook that you’ve created on iMovie or Final Cut Pro (or whatever software you use). Post the clip of the video. Leave the link in the body of the post. Example: Sharing my August Favorites 🙂
Watch the entire video >>>> Video link
Suggestion Two: Post an image of the video and share the link in the body of the post “status”

What To Post Daily? 
Post One: Your Top Twenty Blog Post. Create a document in Mac Numbers or PC Excel, if you create a list with your current page views, link to blog post, and post date. Once you post the link on FB add the “post date” on the spreadsheet so you’re not posting the same content all the time.
Post Two: Viral Potential! This does not have to be a post you created. This could be a post that comes from anywhere but has the potential of going viral.(You can share post from other FB fan pages as well)
Post Three: Post something that is going to increase your page engagement. Ask your readers a question. Consistently do this every day and you will defiantly see an increase in your reach and engagement on Facebook.

Facebook Scheduler?
You the Facebook scheduler that Facebook provides. Trust me! Don’t use any other scheduler.

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