5-Steps To Quitting Your Job To Pursue Your Dream 



One of the first questions that I’m typically asked during my Discovery Sessions is “What are the steps I need to take to quit my job to pursue my dreams?” I hope this post helps you, I just want, to be honest with you, that whatever you decide to do, the process may take time.

I highly suggest having an emergency savings account or an account in place to hold you over while you’re trying to create steady income for your business. You should at least have a six months to a year of your salary saved up. I know you’re probably thinking how am I going to save for my business if I’m living paycheck to paycheck? Well, you will find a way or find an excuse. Start today putting $20 a week in your account. Maybe you have to cut out Starbucks or getting your nails done or even selling items you no longer use. You’re smart, you’ll think of something. Of course, you want the money to be saved in a high-interest account if possible. You could also come up with a cute name for the account to keep you motivated for your grand day.

I would also suggest that instead of putting your earrings from your business in your personal account. Open a business checking and savings. Yes, it may just be $20 or so earrings. However, that’s money that should not be in your personal account. Your goal should be to create a business checking and savings account for your brand as soon as you make a sale. Also, it’s very important to know what your monthly expenses totals are

  • Mortgage/Rent Internet Car
  • Gas Lights Heating
  • Food
  • Phone/Internet
  • Luxury items etc

Once you have an estimate of what your monthly totals are. While you’re still working (or even if you’re a full-time biz owner) Every month you should know how much you have to sell of “X” to cover your monthly expenses.

Your Tribe
I can not express to you how important it is to have a support system. It’s nice to have a friend or suppose that gets you. Not everyone is going to understand your drive. Not everyone is going to understand why you’re leaving your “good job” that pays six figures. But the people in your tribe will. Even if they don’t understand why. They will still support you. Let your support system know your plans so they have a heads up.

Your NetWork
If you haven’t worked on your network by now, you should. You should have a list of everyone you have come in contact with and their information should be entered in something like a CRM database. These are the people that you will be in contact with going forward. People that know your name. People that you want to build relationships with etc. keep in contact with them, send them emails to check on them. Send them happy birthday cards. Remember that business is done on a personal level. Even if someone is not in the market for what you’re selling. They may have a friend or family member who is.

Create Systems
In business you should have a system for everything from Perspective clients, new clients etc. what is the first step you take with each area? You should have an idea how you will be ahead of the game by having systems in place. Plus it’s a time saver and you will be able to focus on other areas of your business. I also want you to start writing the steps you take in each area of your business. This is a huge time saver when you hire an assistant. It may be annoying. However, when you hire an assistant you can provide her with a manual of the key areas he/she will be working on. You don’t want to have to take time out of your day to break down every step you took.

Where’s your target market?
To me, one of the hardest parts of having a business is realizing that your niche market may not be on your favorite social media account If your business caters towards men. You wouldn’t waste your time on
Pinterest, studies have shown that Pinterest caters to women. I want you to track where all of your clients are coming from. I love to use Bitly. You have to be where your community is. Not where you like/want to be.

Tasheena Womack

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