Tips: How to Use InstaStory To Grow Your Business

How To Use Instastory

So unless you’ve been living under a rock or something. You’re probably are aware of the latest Updates on Instagram. I thought it would be cool to share with you a few tips on how to use this new feature. Below is a few tips/suggestions to assist you with mastering Instastory.

Build Credibility
As a business owner sharing what you do on a daily basis is key to building Credibility on social media. Trust me I know it’s not easy. A way that I love that you could use this new feature is after you complete a one on one session with a client. Ask the client to give a brief testimonial. This allows your potential clients to see first hand of what it’s like to work with you. Plus, theirs a bonus all you have to do is save the content and reuse it for a throwback Thursday. ¬†So now you have another way to reuse the content.

Show Behind the Screens
People love seeing behind the screens of what it’s like as a business owner and/or an aspiring entrepreneur. If you still work a full-time job give your tribe a glimpse of what it’s like to balance it all. You are sharing your journey with your tribe and you could also be inspiring them too.

New Product Alert or Discount codes
Have a new product you’re launching. Give your Instastory followers a reason to be on the lookout for your stories. Show them new products that are going to be launched. You could even offer a coupon code if you’re up to it for Instastory followers only. This also gives you the opportunity to grow your following from other social media networks.

As a business owner. I love a good teaser. Give your tribe a content and/or product teaser. Your tribe will love the fact that they will be the first to learn about a new product or content. Plus, the best part is that the stories are deleted after 24 hours so if “you snooze you loose” with a teaser.

I love the idea of offering free lessons or “How To’s” If you have time every week where you offer “Tech Tuesday” showcasing a new tool that your tribe could be using to make their live easier. This can be an app or a site. Don’t assume that people are aware of everything that ‘s offered.

How do you plan on using InsaStory?

Tasheena Womack

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