How to Instantly Get More Traffic to Your Blog/Website for Free

How to Instantly Get More Traffic to Your Blog-Website for Free

We’re in the day and age where you have to use all of the free that are at your fingertips.
So what’s the “major key alert” in my “Dj Khaled Voice”.
Have you ever noticed that when you’re reading a successful blog they usually have links in their blog post?

Well, it’s called interlinking and trust me they are strategically doing this. Yes, I know you don’t want to feel spammy with your post. However, think about it. You actually enjoy when you’re reading a post and you see that shiny link and you click on. You don’t have to search all over their blog or website. What you need is at your fingertips.

I know this sounds super simple . However, it works!

There are a couple of ways you can do this. If you’re a blogger you can link past post that’s in line with your topic.
If you have a blog and a shop you can link the products you’re referring to in your post. If you have a website. You can interlink the various pages. For instance. If on my “Meet Tasheena” page I wanted to link my “you can find me page” Instead of just mentioning it. example: Stay in contact with me by sending me an email via my “contact page.” The “contact page” is going to be interlinked with the actual page. Makes sense?

This is also a great idea if you’re doing a guest blogging as well. This will assist you with driving traffic to your blog and/or website.

I also suggest that you do this for other bloggers and small business owners as well. For instance, just last week on my mommy/lifestyle blog. I referenced a blogger/business. I follow her on Snapchat and social media. She gave me an aha moment with a recipe and I pretty much recreated the meal for my family the next day. By doing this you’re showing your audience that it’s just not always about you and your products/services.
If you’re mentioning or referring to someone on your blog. Link back to their website, YouTube and Facebook page etc.

What I do

  • I typically create most of my newsletters/blog post on my iPhone. I’m a busy Mom/Wife and I have to birth the idea as its coming to me. If you use WordPress/Blogger you can create a draft from your phone and save it on that platform.
  • I make edits to the document as needed.
  • Based on the topic I find past post that relates to the topic. If I’m referencing a product/service then I link it. If it’s a prior blog post. I interlink it from my blogs.
  • When linking another post or website. I always click the option to open another window. You want to your reader on your site.
  • This is what works for me, this is something that you could have your assistant or children do. ( Put those babies to work. )
  • What’s great about this is that if you already have you blog post topics figured out with your content calendar you can look through prior topics and figure it out that way. (i.e. Topic: Branding. I will look back on my completed list of all of my blog topics to see if I have a blog post that I can reference. If I don’t have a list created. I will look through past post on my blog to see if anything fits that topic I will be discussing. )

I would also suggest creating or having a list of all of your past blog post. If you discuss various topics on your blog have anything categorized. i.e Beauty, Fashion, Saving Money, Travel. This could be created on an Excel spreadsheet with a Category at the top (example: Branding, Marketing, Startup, Financial) with columns for (example: Name of Blog post, link)

Please do not feel forced to link post/pages. If you do not have anything to link because you’re just now starting out. Don’t link anything. The beauty of this is that you can go back and interlink where it’s fitted to prior post.


  • Add at least 5-10 links to your newsletters, blog post etc. ( of course, what your writing has to be long enough to include the link) ( Rule of thumb: one-two links to each paragraph) you can always start off by adding one or two links to each post until you get used to it.
  • Always click on the option to open a “new window” for each link
  • Add links to your top 10 posts ( if you only have a few post. Add the links to the post you have.

Tasheena Womack

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