Five Ways to Grow Your Business on Instagram + Be More Social 

Five Ways to Grow Your Business on Instagram + Be More Social

I thought that it would be pretty cool to discuss growing your business on social media. This week we will be discussing Instagram. Next week we will be discussing another one of my favorite social media outlets. Branding and social engagement will make or break most businesses. Most businesses depend on being on social media to get their name out there. I honestly do not know any magic tricks… As long as you are strategically planning your social media strategy and being consistent your business will grow.

Identify your goals and objectives

I meet so many people who want to grow their social media following. However, do not have any goals behind growing. I always first direct people to my workbook to start tracking data. Such as how many followers you currently have and had the prior month? What were some of the trends you noticed last month? I believe the most important question is why you would like to grow your social media followers, create goals and objectives.

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Have social media share buttons everywhere. I visit so many blogs/websites that do not have and “pin” buttons or even social media icons to share the article on various social media outlets.
Social media strategy
If you’re on social media you should have a strategy for how you post, when you post. What Hashtags you use? You should strategically have a reason behind every post. If you follow various social media accounts. They strategy post. Typically their last twelve posts are cohesive.Their social media account is telling a story. What does your last twelve posts say about you and your brand? Does not show that you actually care about what you’re posting? or does it show
that you’re posting to post?
Produce Valuable Content
Don’t just post to post as prior stated. If the content you’re’ providing is not valuable. No one is reading it, no one is looking forward to your next post. Yes, people like your post, just because they like you. But are those people your target market? Are you even reaching your target market?
Never post because you feel as if you haven’t posted something in a while. Create a file on your phone with valuable content that you can strategically post. Yes, there will be times that another great topic that will take precedence from your planned post. However, if your strategy is to post valuable content more people will look for and want to find your post.
Engage with your followers
You can not just post on social media without engaging with everyone. When someone comments on your post respond back. You should make it your business to visit and comment on ten new people every day. I love finding new people to follow from some of my favorite Hashtags. You will be surprised at how many people you will find with similar interest. Don’t sell engage. don’t worry about turning that person into a potential client. If you are a service provider. If that person naturally finds your content valuable they will reach out to you in regards to being your client.
Tasheena Womack

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