Avoid These Common Mistakes When Starting A Business 

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Starting A Business

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Starting A Business

I though my it would be cool to discuss this week a couple of common mistakes to avoid when starting a business ( or even if you have a business)

Slump over lack of support

Trust me this is a common theme when being an entrepreneur. Some people won’t support you until they see you becoming successful and others just won’t support you. Stop wasting your time and energy on the people that don’t support you and pour all of your love and support to the people that do.
Not only your Network but Net Worth

It’s not all about networking. I always tell my clients to focus on building and sustaining relationships. When you meet someone new stay in contact with them. Naturally, Nurture the relationship. It can’t always be about you and your needs. Don’t only contact that person when you need something. Stay in contact with them throughout the year. You don’t have to be besties with everyone. However, picking up the phone and saying hello won’t hurt or even sending a handwritten note in the mail. Less texting and emails (unless that person prefers to be contacted that way, not everyone one likes actual phone conversations.) Show that person that you really care. I even like sending articles via email when it’s something that may interest them ( hey, I hope all is well. I was reading this article on xxx website and I remember the last time we spoke you mentioned xxxx. I thought this article may be of interest to you.) You get the point right?
Frugal Spending

I talk about this all of the time. The top investment that someone else needs to make in their business may be totally different then what you need to make. ( spend money on what you need the first go around so your don’t have to pay for the same service twice.) This is why all of my clients create wants/ needs list with the workbook that I created. i.e If I have a credit repair service my top priority is my clients and making sure their identity is secure. My top investment would be making sure that I have the appropriate software and systems to ensure that their identity is safe. I should not be thinking about investing in a DSLR camera to create my own Instagram videos. Yes, that might be a future investment. However, you do have a couple of things to consider. Do you have the appropriate software and systems in place? Is my site secure? Are my ideal clients on social media? Create a wants/ needs list. Yes, you would be able to create cute videos with the Camera you purchased which could also lead to additional clients. However, you could also use your phone for the time beginning and let your potential clients know that their identity is safe with you due to the software that you have purchased to ensure that their identification is just now floating around.


A lot of entrepreneurs forget how important it is to create systems for their business. Typically most entrepreneurs have the grand idea of growing, however, never take the time to document the steps they take every day to operate their business. This might not seem let such a big idea. Until you hire an assistant and you have to spend hours putting something together showing them how you check and respond to emails or even how to handle new client inquiries. Trust me, all of this information is very important and that’s why you should have it documented even if it’s not fancy . Just showing how you handle the day to day operations of running your business. This will save you a ton of time, money and emails when you hire assistance.


Tasheena Womack


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