Investing In Your Biz with the Right Electronics

Investing In Your Biz- Electronics
I’ve received a couple inquiries in regards to the electronics I use. This is only my two cents…

My Story

Years ago my phone screen cracked while I on vacation. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was on my first full day of vacation and while in the ladies room and my phone fell out of my pocket and on the floor and the screen shattered. Let’s just say that was the worse feeling ever.
Upon arriving home, the first thing I did was looked into purchasing a phone. Naturally, I wanted to see what team Apple was all about. So I went with the latest phone that was out. Can I say love at first sight?

Purchase History

The winter of 2013 I purchased my iPhone, the fall of 2013 I purchased my iPad Air. The summer of 2015 I purchased my iMac and the Winter of 2015 I purchased my MacPro… What I love about Apple Products-I love how everything seamlessly syncs.
Did you notice the gap from 2013-2015? At that time, I didn’t see the investment in spending 1K plus on laptops and computers. So I would purchase the most affordable ones I could find. I missed out on so much money behind having a slow computer. I mean I took my computer to my local computer guy and it still would not work to my standards (because I purchased based on what I could afford and not what I needed). I just remember being so frustrated with how slow everything was that most of the time I would just work off of my iPad.
Honestly, it took me so long to purchase the iMac & MacPro because I couldn’t see myself spending that much money on a computer. (Those bad boys don’t run cheap.)
I’m writing this because waiting so long to make the investment was a bad business move.
In business, we have to look at the return on investments vs the cost. Now, when I meet with my clients we complete an electronic inventory. Do I have to do this No, I do it because I want the very best for my clients, Why? Because you need to see in front of you what products you have/ need and how much you should be putting away for your electronics fund each week in the event that something happens. ( nothing sucks worse than not having the money set aside to purchase a new laptop or computer or even DSLR Camera. (I prefer Canon because this is the only brand I’ve used)

My Two cents about apple products:

Buying New or Used?
I prefer to purchase the items new. I know the Apple Store sells refurbished items. However, it usually only a couple of dollars off.

Apple Store vs QVC

I honestly prefer purchasing computers and laptops from the Apple Store. Now, I know plenty of YouTubers and Bloggers purchase from QVC but it’s just not my thing when spending 1K+

Basic Model?

I never purchase the cheapest iMac or MacPro. Always go a step up or two especially if know you’re going to be using it all of the time.

iMac vs MacPro

I prefer my iMac, I find that I’m more productive that way. I love my MacPro for business meetings or when traveling when I’m facilitating workshops or presentations. Honestly, it’s whatever you prefer.
If you made it this far, I hope you don’t find this as “Team Apple” thing… honestly, whatever brand works for you, works for you. The main point I want for you to get from this is saving money to invest well, and when you purchase. Do it right the first time. I wasted money. I don’t want to see the same thing happen to you.
Tasheena Womack

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