Networking Tips: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Networking Tips- The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Hey, How is your week going so far? I hope all is well. I was recently having a conversation with another business owner in regards to having a Network in Business. I think that one of the misconceptions of someone starting a business is that they need to attend every Networking event in their area. Which far from the truth. First you should only attend events in your niche Market.

I would also suggest not going in the event feeling as if you’re attending a marathon. When you attend these types of events. It’s not a race to see how many business cards you can pass out. However, focus on making genuine connections.
For example, if I’m attending a networking event or a seminar. Especially if it’s a seminar I focus on the “learning”. My reason for being at the event is to learn. In the event, I meet wonderful people from attending the event cool. People can smell “for lack of better words” people who just have a motive for attending the event.
If it’s a networking event, get to know the person first in which you’re speaking with. Make the conversation pretty much all about them without being creepy. Ask them what they like about “what they do”. “How long they have they been in business etc.” Once you make the conversation catered to them, they will more enthusiastic about learning about what you do.
I also suggest that you should never judge a book by its cover. If you meet someone and they do not meet your clients ideal profile. Still treat that person and the conversation with respect. I’ve noticed that sometimes people will try to rush the conversation, and at times even rude. You never know what ties to the community that person has in their network. They can actually be the connector for you or know someone who might be in need of your services. If you’re someone who hates networking, this is actually perfect for you. Because you’re not rushing to meet a million people. This is what I talk to my clients about all of the time. Focus on making one natural connection. Don’t make it a goal. Allow it to naturally happen. Do not practice what you’re going to say to the person you meet. Yes, you should have your elevator pitch. More so in regards to the questions, allow them to naturally be cultivated based on the discussion.
Focus on attending events in your network (unless you’re attending the event with a friend who the network applies to.)
Do not treat networking events like a marathon
Build natural relationships
Be confident at work you do
Know who’s attending the event
PS: Don’t forget to follow-up with that person and add them to your CRM system.
Anywho, I hope this post was helpful for you.

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