Saving Money for Your Business

Saving Money for Your Business

Happy Thursday! I hope all is well:) I just want to take a moment of your time, so you can go back to being Amazing! I’ve bee noticing a trend. I have been in business for many years, and I cross paths with so many people who want to start a business, however; do not have the funds to start. I want to share one of my favorite quotes with you before we proceed.
I know it’s easy to want to start a business and have all the bells and whistles. However, start with what you have. If you want to start a YouTube channel and don’t have the money for a DSLR camera, use your cell phone.
If you want to start a blog. However, can’t afford a domain name. Start with a free WordPress or Blogger site and start from there, you can always upgrade to a paid account ( I prefer WordPress. I’ve personally used both)
You don’t have to have all of the bells and whistles. People love to see growth. People love to see transformations. Plus, this also gives you a chance to decide what color schemes you like and figure out your brand identity. Why spend all of your money having someone design a website for you and 6 months down the line you decide that it’s not the look you want for your brand?
I am not trying to discourage you. I am just trying to be real with you.
Times change and you will change. I tell my private coaching clients the first five years invest in items that will benefit your business. People will spend 1k+ on a website. However, won’t purchase a book for $20. I’m just being real or even $1k on a computer or camera or even $300 on a phone.
Depending on what type a business you have, having a dope website might be a priority. If your website will not generate money for your business. Focus on the things that will. If the majority of the business you do is off of your phone, and your phone doesn’t hold a charge. Why not invest in a new one.
Say it with me “The biggest mistake you can make in business is investing in stuff that will not generate money for my business. “
I have created a worksheet for you to take a moment to identify your wants/needs in business. Please do not go off of what someone else has l. Especially if they are not in the same as industry, as you. ( side note/ example: Say you want to be a professional Beauty vlogger, and what’s holding you back is not having a ring light to be just like all of the “real beauty bloggers” if you are able to record during the day. You really night be missing out on a goldmine. You might have the perfect natural lighting in your house. However, you’re too worried about purchasing expensive lighting. )
Once you compiled your list. I want you to create goals of when you want to purchase those items.
Next I want you to be creative and think of ways you can generate those funds.
-Sale items on PoshMark or EBay
-I have to sell X amount of my products to generate X to purchase X
This is just a suggestion. I want 2016 to be your year.
PS: Here’s the link to the printable here

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