My Holiday Saving Tips

My Holiday Savings Tips

I am often asked by my clients money saving tips during the holiday season. I really try to keep things as simple as possible. I have gathered my favorite apps/websites that have helped me with saving throughout the year, especially during the holiday time. (Don’t forget to do a quick “Google search” prior to going to your favorite store.)






Ebates–  Ebates is my new bestie. prior to shopping online. I click on the Ebates app on my phone and start shopping. It’s super simple and I have already received my first check. Plus, you get the hang of it really fast. 

Hip2Save– This is my goto site that I check daily for deals. I mean I have found out about so many great deals from this site. I literally just have the site open on my phone and hit the refresh button. Thank me later!!

Ibotta– This app takes a little more effort. However, a coin is a coin and money definitely adds up. I am still getting the hang of using this app and I love it. 

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