Biz Owner Gift Guide

Holiday Biz Owner Gift Guide

I put together this super simple gift guide for those people in need of ideas of what to purchase for their favorite entrepreneur.  

  1. Note Book- As an entrepreneur it is essential to have a tool to write down all of your ideas. I personally prefer to write my thoughts/ideas down. Hence, the journal idea. As a Biz owner, you can never have too many of these bad boys around.
  2. IMac- This is a pricey gift. However, it is well worth the investment. Purchasing my iMac was my biggest and best investment I made for my business. If a New iMac is not in your budget, you can always purchase an Apple gift card to go towards that gift purchase. 
  3. Canon- I am a DSLR owner and even though you can take really great pictures with your phone. There’s really something about a DSLR camera. I never owned an NIKON. Hence, the reason it is not shown. A Canon T3i is the perfect starter camera for your favorite Vlogger and Biz owner. 
  4. Starbuck-For all of those days when your favorite Biz owner needs to step away from the office or have a coffee or tea date. Starbucks is the perfect gift for those on the go Biz owners. Plus, they pretty much sell a little bit of everything. 
  5. I am one of those people who loves girly mugs. I am actually a sucker for them. This is the perfect affordable gift. Plus, you can never have too many mugs.
  6. Amazon-Okay, so this site pretty much sells everything under the sun. From mugs to DSLR cameras and a little bit of everything in between. If you can’t think of what to get me for Christmas. This is defiantly on my list. An Amazon gift card is just the gift that keeps on giving. 

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