Stop Holding Your Business Back…

Stop Holding Your Business Back

If you’re on my email list. I discussed how we as business owners have to stop holding on to products/ideas. I know we want everything to be perfect. However, while we are sitting back contemplating about a product idea. Someone is launching the product and making money. I remember not too long ago. I was sitting back at a workshop and the presenter showed a fiscal product that she sells. I sat back and said the same thing that I am saying to you. To myself. For some reason, my expectations with the products that I launch is always at ten. I am always thinking glamours for some strange reason and at the end of the day people care about content first. Especially if you’re providing a service. It can be as fancy as possible. However, if the content sucks people could care less about how pretty the packaging is.

Don’t get me wrong. I am by no means stating that you shouldn’t care about the presentation or the quality of the product, you should. However, that’s not the real reason you haven’t launched your product. You’re scared that no one will purchase it. You are scared that you will order a bunch of shirts and have to sell them for half of what you purchased them for. Before you actually send that invoice for a product that you’re selling. Allow people to pre-order it first. What’s the point of investing a bunch of money or time on a product if you have no idea if people will actually purchase it. Another suggestion is to ask your community or people on social media what they think about the product or service. If there isn’t a need for the service you are about to launch. What’s the point of creating it? you don’t want to spend weeks and months creating course if people won’t actually purchase it? If you’re worried about someone stealing your idea. Yup, that may happen. However, chances are someone has already thought of the idea. ( I’m just being honest)

I want you today to create a pre-order page on your site for the product. If it’s a tee shirt. Show the design concept on a shirt and show it on your social media page. If the shift is not already designed. Show progress pictures “working on my next big project” “working with the designer… I love how the design is turning out” you get the idea. People love knowing what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Don’t give them all the deets. Give them a little taste of the product. Have people vote on which product you should launch first. If you don’t meet your goal. All you have to do is refund your clients back their money (after they pre-ordered) vs ordering 1000 shirts and only ten people purchase a shirt from you. I know, that doesn’t make any sense. Offer the option for people to pre-order your product and save yourself some time and money.

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PS: I created this create printable for you here

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