The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Business

The Biggest Business Mistake

I can’t believe we’re already midway into October. Did you get a chance to work on your Fourth Quarter goals? It’s never too late to start working on them…

I have been receiving a lot of Discover Session requests, and I’ve noticed a common theme. I have received so many inquiries from women and men who have started a business. However, have made no money from their business or find themselves not reaching their quarterly goals. Rest assured that, unfortunately, this is a common theme when starting a business. You have this great launch where you make 10K that month, and the next month you barely make 1K. Yes, I know at times this can be very discouraging in business. However, I want to share a little secret with you.

The biggest mistake you can make in business is getting too comfortable. You reach your business goal for that month or quarter, and you stop working hard or you treat yourself to a vacation and have trouble bouncing back to reality.
Ummm, what about your next business move? Reaching a goal doesn’t equal working less. All of the hard work you put into reaching that goal. You have to put into reaching your next goal.

My Experience:

I remember speaking with my business coach, and with pride I told her that my speaking engagement calendar was booked for 2014. (I worked so hard at booking events for 2014.) I still remember to this day, I felt proud of myself telling her this… You see, It was the middle of 2013… She told me very politely, what about 2015. I remember not having a response at first. Then I remember stating. It’s still early, I have plenty of time…

To this day, I laugh at myself. “I have plenty of time” should never be spoken in the same sentence while discussing business. If you have a product launch. Don’t stop working on your business.

The biggest mistake you can make in business is getting too comfortable. If your calendar is full for 2016. Start working on 2017. One of the biggest investments I made in my business, besides hiring a business coach was purchasing a five-year planner. We teach our mind to only work on that year. If you haven’t started working on 2016. You should be!!!

Anywho, If you want to see consistent revenue in your business. Never stop working hard for it. Never get too lazy, (we all have our days) there is always going to be someone who is providing the same services or similar services better.

Random Tips: 

Tip 1: Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it

Tip 2: Find a business bestie (accountability partner)

Tip 3: Create business goals

Tip 4: Create quarterly business goals

Tip 5: Create a “Launch-Page/ Pre-order Page” for a product prior to creating it ( scared to create a product that possibly won’t sell? Create a pre-order page to see if people are actually interested in the product, don’t forget to use Bitly to track the data.)

Tip 6: If you create an email course. Don’t wait until the last day to make your pitch (studies have shown that open rate for the last email is pretty low)

Tip 7: Always keep a notebook with you to write down your ideas. I know that is pretty old school. However, electronic die.

Wishing you only the best,

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