Four Tips for Surviving Weddings, Birthdays, and Holidays as a entrepreneur

Four Tips for Surviving Weddings, Birthdays,

Yup, it’s wedding season, and you have been invited to a ton of weddings. As a new entrepreneur, your income is based on the services you provide. I want to provide you with a couple of tips to assist you with surviving the upcoming holiday’s/special occasions.

Tip One:
Create a budget for each category. No, how much you’re willing to spend as a wedding guest, holiday gift giver, and birthday queen.
For instance, you may create the list below.
Wedding gift $100
Birthdays $ 15
Holidays $ 15
Tip Two:
Get on your creative side and use Pinterest as a source to create a homemade gift.
Tip Three:
Create a savings account that is allocated for Birthdays, Weddings, and special holidays
Tip four: 
Unfortunately, sometimes you have to learn how to say NO. I know, it’s the last resort and that’s why I saved it for last.
For example: 
If you were invited to be a braids’ maid in a wedding. However, the only reason you’re invited to the wedding is to meet the quota for the bride (i.e. She needs four bridesmaids and can only think of four people, and she just so happen to think of you. Don’t feel bad). If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. Move on!

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