Sharea Farmer, LSW-Small Business Spotlight

Tell me about yourself…
As a child of God, Small Business consultant and developer, therapist, life coach and teacher.  I have been able to translate most of my own life lessons, educational experience and spiritual growth into personal development which I hope to share with others.  I graduated from college with a B.A. in Sociology in order to learn, support, and educate the community on social problems.  That quickly turned into the urgency to complete my Masters in Social Work, leading to an array of experience in clinical and administrative work.  In other words I have been everything from a therapist to program developer.  I am currently an adjunct professor in a graduate program at Rutgers University for social workers as well as I maintain my therapist cap…  With all my professional caps; my real love is service to help through human services and therapy; which honestly after all these years still aligns with both, my professional and personal beliefs of serving my community one person, group or organization at a time…
What motivates you to keep going?
I am truly motivated by my love for God and family.  I live by the belief that we are here on earth to love and service others. We are connected and I believe my passion to help others improve their quality of life through personal and professional development only strengthen the world we all live in.  
Do you feel your life is balanced between your personal and professional life?
Away from my business, I enjoy spending time with my husband, family and friends, plus staying active in Zumba and Bokwa classes. Additionally, travelling is one of my favorite pastimes and sports holds a special place in my heart along with soul music, film and theater. The passions in my life are balanced and fueled by my beliefs and a lifelong quest for understanding and peace; they reaffirm my faith and commitment to servicing the community.
What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?
I have five things I would say to aspiring entrepreneurs.  Trust God, take a risk, plan well, trust your experience and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  

What’s your favorite social media platform? 
Honestly, I like most social media platforms because it allows me to connect to my clients and their worlds.  If I have to pick a favorite it would be Facebook; only because it’s easy to navigate and promote your work.   
What book are you currently reading or would recommend to fellow entrepreneurs?
Because my background is non-profit and social service development; I’ll share one of my favorites in that area.  For any non-profit struggling to grow or restructure; Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational Achievement by John Bryson
What’s your favorite app?
I really like Hootsuite it makes managing social media a lot easier. 
What’s your favorite Podcast account name?
My favorite podcast is ESPN; it’s one of the few things I get to listen and escape into.  
What’s your favorite Entrepreneur website/blog to visit?
Callan Rush – Wealth Through Workshops
What’s your favorite quote?
“There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.” El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
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Tasheena showed up to my workshop and breezed through like a breath of fresh air! Wow she put the cherry on top of an already awesome morning.

She kept our attention every minute she was there and left us with knowledge and motivation. We were in GO mode when she left. Exciting, informative, awesome!
I would have her back again and again. Peace and Blessings.

— Dianne Gill
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