Four Tips To Ace Your Next Networking Event

Four Tips to Ace Your Next Networking Event

There’s nothing worse than attending a networking event and
feeling as if you completely wasted your time. Follow the four tips below to
ace your next networking event.

Tip 1:

Wear a conversation starter. That may be a pair of shoes
that you know you receive tons of compliments on or your favorite lipstick or accessory.

 Tips 2:

Attend an event that is in your industry. For example, you wouldn’t
attend an accountant networking event if you weren’t an accountant (unless you
were looking for an accountant) most events give an in-depth description of who
will be attending the event or who the event is targeted to. If the event does
not showcase that information, contact the host of the event to ensure that the
event is a great fit for you.

 Tip 3:

Create goals for the event. The goal could be to make four
genuine connections at the event. Your goal at any networking event shouldn’t be
to pass your business card out to everyone that walks by you. However, to actually make
a connection with someone. By actually making a connection with someone, you
may find out about additional networking events that are in your market.

 Tip 4:

Have business cards and treat them like your credit cards. I
mentioned to have business cards because you would be surprised how many people
who do not have business cards on hand (you know, wait until they have one left
to order more and it’s too late because they are already at the networking
event.) Before you even RSVP for the networking event, check your inventory of
business cards to ensure that you have enough to last you through your next
order. Also, as mentioned before, treat your business card like a credit card. Don’t
be in a race to give it to any and everyone. Give it to people that you would actually
want to build a connection with.  (you
wouldn’t give your credit card information to just anyone right?)

 Tasheena Womack

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