Danielle D. Tyson-Small Business Spotlight

Tell me about yourself… I am a 32 single woman in the D.C. area. I am a grad student pursuing my MBA and I possess a BS in Business Administration currently. I have no children, but I love them. I love reading, helping others, talking, cooking, shopping, writing, traveling, and getaways. In July 2014, I decided to leave Corporate America and pursue my dreams of making my company bigger. I did not have any support, capital, or plan. I own and operate general business management and consulting solutions firm. I also have started engaging in Federal subcontracting opportunities. It has been established inside 2004 and opened in 2010; based in Oxon Hill, MD by way of the Washington, D.C. metro area.
What motivates you to keep going? My family, after loosing my grandmother (92 years old) in November 2014, it kept me motivated to keep going as she did and would like for my family to do. My passion for what I do also keep me motivates as well.
Do you feel your life is balanced between your personal and professional life?  Life can be balanced between the to, I feel it is up to that individual to find the balance and claim it. I am working on getting it more balanced than it was last year with hopes I can remove all distractions from both lives. Before I have children, I want to have that balance that will allow my time and attention to be divided up usefully.
What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur? Never quit, keep going. It may get frustrating, stressful, and overwhelming. Know your limits and bring forth some strategies or methods to handle the stress. Embrace change, it may be conducive to your well being and businesses.
What’s your favorite social media platform? I love Facebook because of the close communications and interactions, but Twitter you can definitely reach a broader audience faster. Facebook has definitely brought my business further than it would if I didn’t have social media.
What book are you currently reading or would recommend to fellow entrepreneurs? I am not currently reading anything, but I am looking into purchasing some of these authors books I see on Facebook and support more small businesses.
What’s your favorite app? My favorite app is Google Hangouts/Chat, it allows me to make video calls, chat, and send pictures without getting disconnected to my personal email, cloud, and other internal connections.
What’s your favorite Podcast account name? I don’t have one, not yet. Should I?
What’s your favorite Entrepreneur website/blog to visit? I love Black Enterprise and Entrepreneur, they bring forth a lot of relative articles and information that can be very useful or motivating to other entrepreneurs and business owners.
What’s your favorite quote?  “Here’s Another Day To Try Again, To Do It Over, Or To Keep Going. As Long As Your Moving, You Are Ahead Of Those Who Are Still…” – Data Domestics
Support & stay connected with Danielle with the links below: 
www.facebook.com/data.domestics – Business Page
www.facebook.com/danyelltyson – Personal Page
Twitter: @datadomestics
Email: DataDomestics@hotmail.com

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Tasheena showed up to my workshop and breezed through like a breath of fresh air! Wow she put the cherry on top of an already awesome morning.

She kept our attention every minute she was there and left us with knowledge and motivation. We were in GO mode when she left. Exciting, informative, awesome!
I would have her back again and again. Peace and Blessings.

— Dianne Gill
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